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Cheat meal day!

After a nice session of swimming, I had a nice cheat meal! I really needed it to boost my motivation.



I also went to the organic market today, bought some wheat bran to boost my fiber intake, some oats and I also bought some really tasty organic tomatoes with which I will be making a nice tomato salad with organic cheese and onion + some grilled chicken breast for protein and for desert some really nice organic strawberries (their smell is so intense).  I don’t usually eat organic as it is too expensive and I am just a student, but from time to time it’s worth eating some organic products.




I’m reading Convict Conditioning and, to be honest, I am quite happy that I’ve turned to calisthenics and I will probably stick to calisthenics for some good months.

I recommend the book if you want to read about a different approach to being fit and healthy.