You get hit, you fall, you get back up

So I went to my GP today and gave me a prescription for some anti inflammatory pills. I will be taking these pills along some paracetamol and will not train legs my quads this week. I will try tomorrow and train my hamstrings though and see if I feel any pain in my knee then I will stop, if not I will continue adding weight and train harder. Hopefully my knee pain will stop until next Tuesday when I will have my next leg training session.

Fortunately the medicine is working and after waking up in huge pain, now I feel only some discomfort and a bit of pain when I squat with my own bodyweight.  I’ll see how things develop over the course of this week.

My Upper Low Volume training today was decent though. The gym was a bit full as I was too tired in the morning to go and train so I went during the evening. Though I managed to train my chest, my back was trained with only one exercise (T-bar row) as everything else was basically occupied. No worries, I will work my back even harder on Friday and will also have a deadlift only day (if my knee will hurt less or will not hurt anymore) on Wednesday so I can obliterate my back this week.


I am thinking of doing a deload week next week as I have been training as heavy as possible for the last two weeks and will for this week. The deload week will also put, hopefully, less stress on my knee when I will be training my legs and will also let my body to recover. Besides that, this week and next week I will be doing cardio almost everyday.


Also I have made some slight changes to my diet. I am now eating around 1900 calories a day. I will also increase my activity level by doing carido every day.


My knee hurts, I may be a bit sad and depressive at this moment, but fuck it (I apologize for swearing): IF YOU FUCKING GET HIT AND YOU FALL, YOU GET BACK UP!


I also apologise for not updating my nutrition and training log for the past few days so I will be doing a post in a couple of hours with all my training and nutrition logs that I have missed.



I also want to thank all my subscribers for being patient and for subscribing to my blog!


Have a nice day/evening!


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