Nutrition and Training log – 13.09.2012

DIET: 2116 calories, 173g carbs, 63g fat, 201g protein, 21g fiber



  • Barbell Bent Over Row – 18x40kg, 10x50kg, 8x50kg, 5x60kg + 5x40kg drop set
  • Wide Grip Cable Row – 20x32kg, 12x45kg, 10x45kg, 7x55kg
  • Wide Grip Pulldown – 12x30kg, 11x35kg, 4x50kg + 5x30kg drop set
  • Close Grip Pulldown – 7x40kg, 5x40kg


  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 17x12kg, 12x16kg, 7x18kg, 4x18kg  (the weight is per hand)
  • Upright Row – 15x15kg, 12x25kg, 7x30kg
  • Side Lateral Raise – 10x6kg, 8x6kg  (the weight is per hand)



  • Squat – 6x40kg, 6x50kg, 7x50kg, 5x60kg, 4x65kg, 2x70kg
  • Leg Press – 7x90kg, 8x90kg, 5x90kg, 6x90kg, 4x90kg
  • Seated Leg Curl – 16x52kg, 11x59kg, 9x59kg, 8x66kg
  • Romanian Deadlift – 5x40kg, 8x40kg, 5x40kg

No calves training.


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