Fat loss pills

Next week or in two weeks I will start to take fat loss pills.

I DO NOT recommend taking fat loss pills UNLESS:

  • You are on a calorie deficit and know what a calorie deficit is
  • You are doing your cardio or at least do your weight training with intensity (intensity does not necessarily mean small rest periods, but to work your muscle to failure)
  • Your diet is in check

Unfortunately many people nowadays think that because they take a fat loss pill and do some cardio they will lose weight. That will not happen. Fat loss pills AID in weight loss AS LONG AS YOU ARE on a calorie deficit and you have everything in check (diet, training and cardio, but cardio is not a necessity), therefore fat loss pills will not make you lose weight just because you are taking them. And the aid that they offer is not too great (probably 5%)


4 thoughts on “Fat loss pills

  1. yourothermotherhere says:

    We’ve been trained to look for the easy way in everything. You lose weight when you take in less food than your body needs so it’s forced to burn fat (and muscle if you don’t know what you are doing).

  2. pills says:

    Fat loss pills does not reduce in the loss of weight.More over we need to perform some physical activities in turn to reduce the weight!!

    • grreu says:

      That’s what I said. Fat loss pills AID weight loss as long as you have your diet and training in check. Without having them in check fat loss pills do not help at all. And that “aid” is not really significant. They probably help with a maximum of 5% of a person’s fat loss.

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