After trying to recover from my hip and knee injury (hip is still sore unfortunately) for over 6 months, I will be starting to log my training and nutrition again in a week or so after I come back from Romania.
I am trying to be consistent for at least one year. I will also be posting my before pictures soon and will update them every 2-3 months so I can see the progress.


I will mostly be eating the “bro” way while I cut (I need to lose about 3-5 kg of fat) before I go on a long and slow bulk with eating around 300 calories over my maintenance and as my body weight will increase, my maintenance will also increase meaning I will eat more and more calories.
While bulking I will be eating 80, 90% of the time also like a “bro”.

What does “like a bro” mean? It’s how classic bodybuilders eat, as in eating most of the carbs from oats, sweet potatoes and brown rice. Unfortunately it is hard to eat like this and get all the calories needed while bulking so I will be adding ice cream and other calorie dense foods.


I will be eating around 1g per pound of bodyweight while cutting and a bit over 1g while bulking.


My goal is to get around 10-11% body fat and gain 5 kg of muscle in one year.


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