Callisthenics routine

DAY 1 – Back and Shoulders

Wide pull up
Rack pull up
Inverted row

Pike push up
Hindu push up
Hand stand push up (with feet on the wall)

DAY 2 – Chest, Biceps and Abs

Wide stance push up
Knee to elbow push up
Push up with feet elevated

Chin up
Alternate close grip pull up

Hanging leg raise
Dip bar leg raise

DAY 3 – Legs and Triceps

Squat pause
Glute ham raise
Butt raise

Diamond push up

DAY 4 – Back and Shoulders

DAY 5 – Chest, Biceps and Abs

DAY 6 – Legs and Triceps

Cardio everyday. I won’t be doing HIIT on the treadmill because it puts to much pressure on my joints, so I think I will do my cardio on the stationary bicycle or elliptical. When university begins I will be walking around 1 and a half hour every day, which will burn a couple calories too.

Diet is the most important.


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