Bad news

I have to go see my doctor tomorrow to see what’s wrong with my knee unfortunately. The pain is starting to get greater and greater, it wakes me up in the middle of the night and it hurts in the morning also.

So I will have to abandon my workout regime because my leg days will destroy my knee completely.

I will stay on my diet (the first diet log will be posted on Saturday), but I will have to change my workout entirely.

I can’t work my upper body with weights and leave my lower body.

Therefore I will do callisthenics until my knee will recover (hell knows in how many months – pardon my language, but I am really upset because of this).

This will be a great opportunity to strengthen my core and to increase my strength through bodyweight exercises and without putting to much pressure on my joints.

I will be posting the new workout soon.

I am really sorry for those who were expecting to see and hear something else. After my recovery I will do the initial program.


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